What is pmep?

Personal mise en place (or PMEP for short) is a daily system of tracking your behavior and routines. 

Inspired by the classic kitchen system of "mise-en-place", PMEP take the concept of "everything in its place" and applies it to ourselves.


By taking an honest look at your own daily rituals, you can learn to identify patterns, allowing you to clear out non-productive items that are in your "mise"and replace them with more efficient and productive routines.


Just like the one in your bar or restaurant, every ingredient that is in your personal mise should serve a purpose and be of the highest quality.

gravel to grovel

we are hardest on our selves

Especially - but certainly not exclusively - in the service industry.  We often put others' needs ahead of our own, and self-care is unfortunately the last item on our to-do list.

Lack of time, lack of healthcare, long hours, not enough sleep, irregular eating habits, and a stressful work environment can cause mental and physical burnout, as well as the need to self-medicate just to get through another shift. 

Taking a few minutes each day to set your intention and focus on your goals, and then to reflect upon what you've accomplished (and what needs work) the day before may not seem like much. 


But after a few weeks of honest, daily observation (much like an anthropologist examining your own life), you will be able to identify patterns that may be preventing you from reaching your goals and ultimately make more mindful choices throughout the day.

We believe that every person can figure out how to optimize their own PMEP with two things: Attention & Intention.  Therefore, we have created a daily "PMEP Chart" to track daily progress and work towards consciously developing our own personal mise en place, the one that works for each of us. 

Click here to preview the PMEP chart.

"There are no mistakes,

there are only correctable errors. 

There are no errors,

there are only alternate programs."


- John C. Lilly